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By alicebg, Dec 6 2017 08:32PM

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Cranes are amongst the most beautiful and spectacular of birds. Indeed, in the Far East they are considered sacred. As an inevitable corollary, almost all species are endangered to varying desgrees. Once ubiquitous in the UK (where they are still sometimes referred to, with extreme irony, as 'Common' Cranes), the Eurasian Crane was effectively extinct when I was growing up, and the odds of ever seeing one in the wild so remote as to be unimaginable.

By alicebg, Nov 28 2017 08:52PM

Part 1: Reliance Rock #1; Eastern & Portland #'s 6 & 8

Gravatte Central is ostensibly an all-steam layout, but in addition to the 40-odd steam locomotives in the motive power pool, there are also two diesel railcars, one electric loco and four trolleys. This series aims to present the collection in a haphazardly numerical order beginning, obviously, with #1.

By alicebg, Nov 15 2017 08:41PM

In this episode: Logan (2017)

The third and evidently final solo outing for Hugh Jackman's Wolverine (and his ninth incarnation of the part) is a distinct curiosity. Bloodthirsty and hyper-violent (way beyond anything seen in Wolverine or X-Men movies so far), it also rather lacks the critical human dimension that makes X-Men, and indeed other superhero films, so compelling. The other thing it lacks, fatally, is any kind of plot.

By alicebg, Nov 9 2017 08:19PM

Since I started reading When We Were Bad I have been wracking my brains trying to come up with examples of celebrity rabbis. I can only manage two: Julia Neuberger, who used to turn up on the news occasionally, and Lionel Blue, who contributed some of the more inane episodes of Thought for the Day (which is saying something). Oh, and there was that weird old guy who used to be on The Moral Maze. Other than that, zilch. Which gives you a good idea of how ferociously niche this novel is, since a celebrity rabbi is its focal point.

By alicebg, Nov 7 2017 08:41PM

The gloriously mis-titled Candy boy is the second of my 'pirate' animes, and like Shoujo Sect (q.v.) is one I seriously considered ordering direct from Japan, before expense and lack of subtitles dissuaded me. It almost goes without saying that there is no "Candy Boy" - in fact the series has no male characters whatsoever. Neither does candy feature to any significant degree. What you do get is a remarkable 'slice-of-life' comedy-drama-romance with a central yuri relationship that has a significant twist: it's between sisters.

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