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By alicebg, Sep 14 2017 07:27PM

With autumn fast upon us (and boy, has it checked in early), thoughts turn to the great influx of winter migrants that makes the UK such prime birdwatching territory, even in the coldest months. At the head of the vanguard sits the Fieldfare, a spectacular bird that is routinely underrated and frequently overlooked.

By alicebg, Sep 6 2017 07:11PM

In this episode: X-Men: Apocalypse (2016)

For his fourth, and evidently final, X-Men movie, Bryan singer promised to pull out all the stops and pitch the Merry Mutants against a truly monumental villian. Unfortunately, his pitching proved to be a little off.

By alicebg, Aug 30 2017 07:23PM

Everything & Nothing is a sharp, slick little thriller that, much like Daniel Clay's Broken (q.v.), filters modern life through a distorting lens of black satire. Along the way come ruminations on motherhood, the fragility of relationships and the oh-so fine line between coping and outright madness. It's a tough remit, but generally the book deals with it pretty well.

By alicebg, Aug 29 2017 07:54PM

Well, after a bit of cussing & swearing over the bank holiday weekend, the site has been upgraded to Webeden's version 6 software (whatever that means)... Things look pretty good this end (nowhere near as strange as I'd feared), but please let me know if you're having trouble viewing anything, especially things such as the wonderful view above (reminds me of one of the very first erotic images that ever seared itself into my brain, found on the pavement on my way home from school some forty years ago - on such serendipitous foundations are sexualities built...)

Much love, Alice - X

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