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By alicebg, Aug 17 2017 07:10PM

A wee while ago, as is my wont, I was browsing a local charity shop, when my eyes fell upon a DVD with the tantalising title Rare American Locomotives. The cover blurb promised 39 minutes of 'recently rediscovered' footage from the 1920s, plus a montage of British and European locos as a bonus. Mine for a quid, as indeed it soon was. Little did I suspect this E-rated disc would plunge me into a surrealist nightmare.

By alicebg, Mar 12 2017 02:44PM

This blog has discussed before whether or not comedy actually constitutes 'art'. The conclusion is yes, but it is by far the most disposable of art forms, since humour is a transient thing and, possibly even more than music, subject to the whims and fashions of its era. However, just now and again there comes in comedy a shift so seismic, it takes on the importance and timelessness of Classic Art. In our time, Monty Python was that shift.

By alicebg, Jul 4 2016 06:55PM

In this episode: The Avengers aka Avengers Assemble (2012)

[Note: In the UK, this movie is known as Avengers Assemble, presumably in order to avoid any possible confusion with the ultra-camp '60s TV show The Avengers, or the crappy '90s movie based on same. I personally thought that nobody would be dumb enough to confuse the two, but then TWO people of my acquaintance did just that - cela]

I'll admit, when I heard that there was finally going to be an Avengers movie, and that Joss Whedon was involved, I was a little perturbed. Maybe I've just been unlucky, but I've seen only three episodes of Buffy in my life, and all of them sucked donkey balls (I honestly prefer the original movie, lame as it is). To me, Firefly was just that annoying thing that came on the Sci-Fi Channel just before Andromeda, while Serenity wasn't any better (spaceships with hood ornaments?). But in the end, all my fears were allayed - Mr Whedon did a bang-up job.

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