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By alicebg, Nov 9 2017 08:19PM

Since I started reading When We Were Bad I have been wracking my brains trying to come up with examples of celebrity rabbis. I can only manage two: Julia Neuberger, who used to turn up on the news occasionally, and Lionel Blue, who contributed some of the more inane episodes of Thought for the Day (which is saying something). Oh, and there was that weird old guy who used to be on The Moral Maze. Other than that, zilch. Which gives you a good idea of how ferociously niche this novel is, since a celebrity rabbi is its focal point.

By alicebg, Sep 27 2017 07:21PM

Once upon a time, people talked fondly of the 'Great American Novel'. Whether anyone actually ever wrote a Great American Novel is a moot point - what can be said with certainty is that, ever since 9/11, the Great American Novel has morphed into the All-Purpose American Pisstake. There has been a plethora of slick, seedy satires that seem to be trying to expose some-or-other dark underbelly of American culture, for unspecified purposes. Case in point: The Believers.

By alicebg, Aug 30 2017 07:23PM

Everything & Nothing is a sharp, slick little thriller that, much like Daniel Clay's Broken (q.v.), filters modern life through a distorting lens of black satire. Along the way come ruminations on motherhood, the fragility of relationships and the oh-so fine line between coping and outright madness. It's a tough remit, but generally the book deals with it pretty well.

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