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By alicebg, Nov 15 2017 08:41PM

In this episode: Logan (2017)

The third and evidently final solo outing for Hugh Jackman's Wolverine (and his ninth incarnation of the part) is a distinct curiosity. Bloodthirsty and hyper-violent (way beyond anything seen in Wolverine or X-Men movies so far), it also rather lacks the critical human dimension that makes X-Men, and indeed other superhero films, so compelling. The other thing it lacks, fatally, is any kind of plot.

By alicebg, Oct 28 2017 03:22PM

In this episode: Guardians of the Galaxy, vol. 2 (2017)

I'll admit, I wasn't a big fan of the first Guardians of the Galaxy. To be frank, I'm not a big fan of the modern Guardians at all - I'm decrepit enough to remember the original team, with Vance Astro, Nikki and the first Star Lord, who randomly turned into a woman (hey, it was the seventies). I also remember when Drax the Destroyer was a thoroughly nasty piece of work, not muscled-up comic relief. To be even franker, the only reason I hinged onto vol. 2 was the appearance of Mantis (Pom Klementieff ) - I was intrigued that Marvel would dust off one of their most obscure properties and give her a starring role. Anyway, I'm pleased to report that vol. 2 is a distinct improvement on its decidedly lumpy prototype, even if it's a long way from being a classic.

By alicebg, Oct 12 2017 07:23AM

In this episode: Suicide Squad (2016)

Amid the current avalanche of superhero movies, it was inevitable that somebody would attempt to turn the genre on its ear. Such was David Ayer's threat when he set about adapting DC's 80s hit comic Suicide Squad to the screen. Suicide Squad was by no means the first DC title to showcase villains as the lead characters, but it was hugely influential on the fast-emerging 'adult' comics genre, with its mix of amorality, paranoia and hard-core violence. The question was, could Ayer successfully translate this material into a watchable film? Sadly, we never really got the chance to find out.

By alicebg, Sep 6 2017 07:11PM

In this episode: X-Men: Apocalypse (2016)

For his fourth, and evidently final, X-Men movie, Bryan singer promised to pull out all the stops and pitch the Merry Mutants against a truly monumental villian. Unfortunately, his pitching proved to be a little off.

By alicebg, Jun 29 2017 07:11PM

In this episode: Captain America: Civil War (2016)

In a crowded blockbuster season, DC's hero-on-hero epic Dawn of Justice (q.v.) appeared just ahead of Marvel's equivalent. The two films make an interesting comparison, showing starkly (heh) just how much better Marvel Studios are at handling their comic book adaptations.

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