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By alicebg, May 23 2017 07:24PM

In this episode: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

BvSDoJ, to its friends and detractors. The name of Zack Snyder has cropped up several times in this series already, and the conclusion has been clear to anyone with eyes to see: Snyder has a gift for translating comic-book action and indeed panels to the screen; what he's no good at is adding the extra layers of nuance a comic-to-cinema adaptation really needs. DC/Warner Bros should have known what they were getting into by hiring Snyder for BvSDoJ - after all, they'd already had the noisy, generally incoherent Man of Steel. This Clash of Titans turned out exactly as expected, both for good and bad.

By alicebg, Apr 13 2017 07:04PM

In this episode: X-Men: Days of Future Past - The Rogue Cut (2014)

Deja-vu, all over again. Bryan Singer's original vision for Days of Future Past (q.v.) featured an extended cameo from the lovely Anna Paquin as Rogue (a key player in the first X-Men movies). Cut primarily for pacing reasons (the film was already long and over-plotted), it was reinstated for hard-core fans on a direct-to-DVD/Blu-Ray release. Guess this means I'm a hard-core fan, at least as far as Anna paquin is concerned, 'cause I went and bought it.

By alicebg, Apr 6 2017 06:56PM

Stduio Ghibli was one of the giant names in anime, and one of the few Japanese studios to consistently break through in the West. For their final feature-length project, they rather curiously chose the classic but still little-known children's book When Marnie Was There. The result is an impressive film, but one that still demonstrates the cultural and conceptual boundaries that separate anime norms from western conventions.

By alicebg, Mar 20 2017 08:01PM

The rural Australian town of Parkes made an unlikely contribution to the 1969 moon landing, courtesy of its adjacent radio-astronomy installation, which served as the Southern Hemisphere communications relay. That rather banal factoid is the basis for the charming and surprisingly powerful comedy-drama, The Dish.

By alicebg, Mar 16 2017 08:00PM

In this episode - X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014)

The original Days of Future Past was a 2-issue X-Men story by Chris Claremont, that started a tradition for time-hopping X-Men stories - of varying quality - that would endure for decades (Grant Morrison's Here Comes Tomorrow in New X-Men was a direct homage). The film adaptation of this comic book classic saw the return of Bryan Singer to the X-franchise, and also offered to bridge the gap between the original and later X-Men casts. That turned out to be rather more expectations than than the movie could actually fulfil.

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