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By alicebg, May 1 2017 03:09PM

For those wondering why things have been kinda quiet on this blog lately, the truth can now be revealed: I have been intensively jobhunting (strangely, the allure of cleaning toilets has somehow worn off) and, well, it's paid off. I will soon be starting a brand-new job with a high-tech firm in Cambridge, on a salary close to double what I'm making now.

In practical terms, this is going to mean some heavy duty commuting, at least in the short term (up to 4 hrs per day). That in turn is going to crimp my free time, including that available for writing & updating this blog. At the moment I have a deep stock of pre-drafted posts, so things will continue as normal for a while yet, but over time things may get a bit erratic, so I hope you'll all bear with me. Thanks to everyone who's been on this site down the years, especially my tiny cohort of hard-core followers (you know who you are!)

For now, please enjoy this tender, erotic yet vaguely threatening image, courtesy of X-Art.

Much love, Alice - X

By alicebg, Jan 30 2017 08:15PM

The Little Owl is such a familiar feature of our countryside that it comes as something of a shock to learn that it is not native to Britain. It was in fact introduced during the Victorian Era, which makes it at once historically remote from our current age, but also a disconcertingly recent interloper.

By alicebg, Oct 17 2016 06:55PM

(image via

Previously in this series, I have discussed how, thnaks to the continued presence of large country estates in my part of England, I get to see Indian Peafowl on a surprisingly regular basis. Much the same factor enables me to access Guinea Fowl fairly regularly, but this is thanks to rather more specialised phenomena.

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