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By alicebg, May 11 2016 06:45PM

Progress on Gravatte Central, my HO-scale mini-layout (5'X2'), has been pleasingly rapid - serious work began in January, and by mid-March (aided by several leave days I had to use up) the project was more-or-less complete. My picture above shows shows the inaugural train, hauled by Union Pacific FEF-3 class #836 (a Rivarossi model), rolling into the station. For those who take an interest, I herewith present a brief layout tour...

By alicebg, Apr 18 2016 06:45PM

For what is unquestionably Britain's flashiest bird, Kingfishers can be notoriously difficult to spot. Any bird that is coloured electric blue and orange, and happens to be very common, ought to be a cinch. But Kingfishers are supremely good at keeping to cover, and often all you see of them is a fleeting, flashing glimpse - still, most of the time, that's enough in itself.

By alicebg, Feb 23 2016 07:49PM

It has been a while since I updated the faithful reader on my railroad modelling activities. The plain fact is, there has been comparatively little activity in that department, but I now have a new project under way which may be of interest.

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