Flippantly Answered Questions...

Who is Alice Bluegown?

 - She is a pseudonymph living, working and occasionally writing in deepest East Anglia.  She likes women, wildlife & winged things.


What is 'The Extinct Song'?

 -  It is an entirely new concept in erotic fiction: discrete stories that link together to tell a greater tale of environmental apocalypse.   It was written from 2003 - 2007, but the basic idea goes back a lot further.


Why are you posting it on the Internet?

 - I'm not: not all of it, at any rate.   What is presented here only accounts for about 40% of the complete manuscript.   I still entertain hopes of one day selling the project in its entirety.


Why an erotic novel?

 - I love erotic fiction, but I have to concede that 99.9% of it is mind-rotting, exploitative crap, not to mention not actually being erotic.   I'm pretentious enough to think I can write adult fiction that actually has something to say.


Okay, but why a LESBIAN erotic novel?




















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